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How to Apply

Notice to all applicants

Applicants who have previously applied for the fall semester and now wish to be considered for programs starting in winter or spring of the same school year should not submit a new application but should return to their online application to make program choice changes.

Your application fee covers all program choice changes made to the original application for programs beginning August 1 through to July 31.

Full-time Programs

1. Choose your program

2. Submit application through

3. Transcripts

High School Students

If you are currently enrolled in an Ontario high school, speak with your guidance office and they will transmit your grades directly to Out-of-province students will need to send an official transcript.

Check your online application after final first-semester marks, second-semester mid-terms, and final marks are issued to ensure that the grades have been sent and that they are accurate.

Mature Students (not currently in high school)

If you are not currently attending an Ontario high school (this includes students who are currently at night school or summer school or taking correspondence courses), you also apply online. When applying, you may be able to order your Ontario high school transcript online.

All Ontario college and university transcripts can be ordered online. If your high school is not listed among those providing online transcripts, or for out-of-province transcripts (high school, college and/or university), you will need to obtain an official transcript from the educational institution and mail it to as soon as possible. Please include your application number on your documents.

Applicants with International Transcripts

* Important information for applicants who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or landed immigrants, and who have documents from an educational institution from a country other than Canada. 

Please note:  international students MUST apply through the Conestoga International Student Office and will receive instructions about transcript assessment at the time of application.  Please see directions for applying under point #1 “Choose your program” above.

If you are planning to use your international transcripts to meet subject admission requirements for a program at Conestoga College, you will need to have your documents evaluated for equivalency at an approved provider of credential evaluation services.

International Credentials Evaluation services are provided by:

These organizations provide various services related to translating and/or determining Canadian equivalents to academic credentials received internationally.

Before applying with international transcripts:

Before sending your transcripts for evaluation, we encourage you to check the admission requirements for the program to which you are applying to determine that you have a reasonable expectation that your international documents will reflect these. In many cases, subject or course admission requirements for diploma programs can be met by admissions testing and/or academic upgrading.

If you are applying to:

  1. a Conestoga College Diploma or Advanced Diploma program, you will need an assessment that includes the specific courses, credit value and final grades. This type of assessment is also referred to as a Comprehensive or Course-by-Course Report.
  2. a Conestoga College Post-Graduate/Graduate Certificate program, you will need an assessment that describes the education completed and the Ontario equivalency for each credential.
    Please note: some graduate certificate programs require a Comprehensive or Course-by-Course Report. Please check the Note re: Admission Requirements on individual program pages for specific information.
  3. a Conestoga College Applied Degree program, you will need an assessment that includes the specific courses, credit value and final grades. This type of assessment is also referred to as a Comprehensive or Course-by-Course Report.
  4. the Nursing – BScN (McMaster) Collaborative program, you will need an assessment that includes the specific courses, credit value and final grades. This type of assessment is also referred to as a Comprehensive or Course-by-Course Report.

Applicants with transcripts from institutions where the language of instruction is not English must demonstrate English language proficiency. See Admission Information ‘Language.’

Part-time Programs/Courses

What is a program?

A program is a series of courses, grouped together in some identifiable manner, designed to achieve identified learning outcomes, and approved by the Board of Governors and/or external bodies. Part-time programs require interested individuals to follow an application procedure. Please see below for how to register for a course.

1. Choose your program

2. Apply directly to Conestoga College

For more information, please visit our Continuing Education website.

Part-time Course Registration

What is a course?

A course is a distinct and discrete teaching and learning framework, containing content that has been approved by an expert source, usually structured to be delivered over an identified period of time, with measurable learning outcomes and formal student evaluation.

There are a number of options to register for a course. Please visit our Continuing Education website for details.


For traditional apprenticeship classes, an apprentice must have received a valid "Offer of Classroom Training," issued by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) Apprenticeship Division.

MTCU sends out an “Offer of Classroom Training” to registered apprentices. Please note that all apprentices in Ontario are required to be a member in good standing with the Ontario College of Trades. You must have a valid Offer of Classroom Training to register and make payment for trade school.

For further information, please visit our School of Trades & Apprenticeship website or Employment Ontario Apprenticeship offices.


International visa students must provide the following documents for admission to Conestoga College:

  1. Online application submission International Application Form.
  2. Online payment of application fee using credit card or debit card. Alternate methods include: waiver code, money order/bank draft (payable to Conestoga College), web banking, Flywire or Western Union GlobalPay or direct payment at the international office."
  3. Copies of all secondary and post-secondary transcripts and certificates (in your own language, as well as English or translated into English). For a complete list of required supporting documents (transcripts) by country, visit
  4. A copy of TOEFL or IELTS examination results or another recognized international test of English, meeting the requirements for the program to which you apply. *

*Note: If you are applying to Conestoga's EAS/English for Academic Studies program, you do not require proof of English proficiency.

Please note that the processing of your application will commence after receipt of all required information as stated above.

Please visit the International Education at Conestoga website for more information.

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