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Occupational Safety

The Incident Report, Safety Concern Report and the Work Refusal Report Forms can be completed electronically and are available at

All files are in pdf format and open in a new tab/window

Occupational Safety Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
Document Name Effective Date Revised / Reviewed Related Documents Effective Date Revised / Reviewed
Chemical Storage Procedure 7/17/2013
Continuous Improvement Plan and Safety Trends Review Process 5/10/2010
Employee Orientation Procedure 1/26/2011
Equipment Operating Procedure 9/22/2015 5/4/2016
Extreme Temperature Procedure 9/8/2010 10/3/2014
Health & Safety Policy - Employees, Students, Contractors and Visitors 4/25/1988 6/22/2017
Health and Safety Communication Procedure 5/10/2010
Incident Response and Reporting and OSF-034 Refusal of Care Form 5/12/2010 10/4/2011
Injured Worker - Early and Safe Return to Work Procedure 1/26/2011 12/16/2015
Lockout-Tagout Procedure 9/8/2010
Management Health and Safety Inspections 9/8/2010
Personal Electrical Appliance Procedure 11/16/2007 12/16/2015
Personal Protective Equipment Procedure 9/3/2012 6/25/2012
Safe Operation of a Forklift Procedure 4/14/2010
Safety Concern Reporting and OSF-024 Safety Concern Report Form 5/12/2010
Smoking on Campus Policy 8/1/2011 9/20/2017
Statement of Responsibilities - Occupational Safety Procedure 5/12/2010
Terms of Reference for Joint Occupational H & S Cmtee and H & S Reps 9/8/2010
Work Refusal Procedure and OSF-032 Work Refusal Report Form 5/12/2010
Workplace Violence Procedure 1/26/2011 8/1/2016
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